GeneratePress Review: Detailed Overview

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GeneratePress Review

Before we dive into this GeneratePress review I just wanted to briefly cover what it is. In the vast WordPress themes repository, only a few themes rise to the top of the most popular section. The free version of GeneratePress has managed to consistently be one of the most popular themes for years. It has been near the top because it is a well-coded theme that’s very easy to use. If you’re on a budget and looking for a simple, free theme check out the free version of GeneratePress.

GeneratePress Review

GeneratePress Premium

If you’re looking for more of a punch than the free version packs you should take a look at GeneratePress premium. The premium version includes many more options. Some of them include more color options, typography options, more control of elements, sticking navigation, spacing control, background image options, the sections builder, and more. However, the best of the GeneratePress premium features in my opinion is the site library templates, which I’ll get into next!

GeneratePress Features

GeneratePress Templates

GeneratePress premium comes with an amazing site library. These GeneratePress templates allow you to have a starter site imported immediately. This is very similar to how the popular Astra theme works.

GeneratePress Premium Site Library

The library shows which templates can be used with the standard WordPress editor, Elementor and the Beaver builder. Of these options I generally use the Elementor builder with GeneratePress on my own websites. In fact, that’s what you’re seeing right now on this very website.

If you’d like to see a quick GeneratePress tutorial on how to setup a template from the library within GeneratePress premium check out the video I created below. This is very basic, but it will get you started using GeneratePress templates.

GeneratePress Blog Layouts

GeneratePress blog layouts are something that I think set them apart from other themes. This is personally my favorite thing about this theme. They have created beautiful, yet simple blog templates to build off of. Again, you’re reading one right now! 

For many of my marketing related blogs I use either the Marketer, Split, or Arctic template. If those aren’t for you there are still other great options to choose from. For someone who blogs a lot on many different sites, the blog layout options are better with GeneratePress out of the box than any other theme in my opinion. 

GeneratePress Theme Speed

GeneratePress theme speed is yet another thing that sets them apart from other themes in the WordPress repository. The creator, Tom Osborne, knows that speed is so important. If you have a slow website it can hurt your rankings within Google, and provide a bad user experience overall.

GeneratePress Speed

This is why each site was created with the intention of being less than 30KB out of the box. What does that mean to us normal people? It means that it’s light-weight and that it won’t be bogged down like many other themes. Another way GeneratePress improves its theme speed is by having very clean code. As they mention right on their site, they chose to ditch jQuery in favor of clean vanilla javascript.

GeneratePress Pricing

No GeneratePress review would be complete without covering costs. GeneratePress pricing is very fair in my opinion. First of all, you can use the theme on unlimited websites, which I absolutely love. I use the theme on many different blogs as I mentioned earlier, so for me the premium theme cost comes out to only a few dollars per active site install that I have. This is because it currently only costs $49.95 for the theme. 

However, like many other premium themes and builders, you do have to pay a yearly recurring fee. This yearly fee gives you access to future updates and premium support. Luckily, you get a 40% discount off of the initial $49.95 if you do renew the theme as well. I personally have already re-renewed my theme for 2-3 years in advance because I like it that much!

GeneratePress Pricing

GeneratePress Support

GeneratePress support is another positive aspect of this theme. Frankly, I have purchased themes in the past off of marketplaces and been upset with the lack of support I’ve received. With GeneratePress that has never been an issue for me.

The support can be found on the ‘help’ section of their website menu. Here we have 3 options: documentation, support forum, and contact. You can probably guess what each of these does, but just in case I’ll explain it briefly for you.

Within the documentation section you’re brought to a knowledge base area where you can search for specific keywords and browse through the articles that will likely answer any questions you have. These detailed articles often have gifs and pictures to help you step by step through the process.

GeneratePress Knowledge Base

As for the support forum it is full of posts with questions and answers. There are usually people answering questions within minutes here. The community doesn’t stop there though. GeneratePress also has many helpful users in their Facebook group that are almost always willing to help.

GeneratePress Support Forum

GeneratePress Review : Final Thoughts

I hope that you’ve found this GeneratePress theme review to be helpful up to the point. I want to cover some final thoughts here. I honestly feel like GeneratePress is easily one of the best few themes out there. In the end I highly recommend trying it out for yourselves. 

If you’re on the fence about getting it, you can test drive the free version of GeneratePress. However, I think the premium version packs a much bigger punch. I recommend that you try the premium version with their 30 day money-back guarantee that they offer.

I feel like GeneratePress is perfect for someone like me who has many blogs. However, people just beginning with WordPress may want a specific niche type of website. In that case I think that they might be better off with something like Astra which I’ve also reviewed.

In the end, I hope this article has helped you learn more about GeneratePress!

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