Elementor WordPress Plugin Overview

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Elementor WordPress Plugin

In this Elementor WordPress plugin overview I’ll be discussing some of the key aspects that make up Elementor. If you’ve read any of my other reviews you know that I like to hit on some key points and share my opinion or experiences. 

For this review I’ll be covering Elementor free vs pro version, Elementor free themes, Elementor help or support, and some final thoughts. Without further ado let’s dive into it.


Elementor Free vs Pro

Most of you reading this are probably aware of this, but Elementor has two versions. Here I’ll be covering Elementor free vs pro. I want to start by saying that you can build a beautiful website with both the free or pro version. I went over how to do this with a free theme and Elementor’s free version in some of my YouTube tutorials.

The free version is great and comes with 30 widgets built into it at the time of this writing. These widgets are great for getting you started, and more comfortable with the builder.

Elementor Free Widgets

The pro version comes with many more widgets, and is constantly improving. If there’s one thing that separates Elementor apart from other builders like Divi for example, it’s the constant development and improvement at a rapid pace. Currently Elementor pro widgets include over 50 unique widgets and over 300 pro themes.

The only negative I see with an Elementor license is the recurring cost. Their main rival, Divi, offers a lifetime option right now. However, as I mentioned earlier you’re getting consistent improvements from the Elementor team. This sure beats paying for a yearly subscription where you get nothing!

The Elementor cost is currently split up between 3 different plans. These plans are the personal, plus, and expert plans. Below is an image with a breakdown of what each of them currently offers.

Elementor Pricing

Elementor Help

Elementor help is an interesting topic to say the least. Whenever I go onto Facebook, I check out the Elementor related Facebook Groups. I’ve read many times that these groups are often a better place to get support than going to the Elementor team directly. Many others have complained about Elementor support openly within these groups, only to be helped by another member.

I personally believe that Elementor might be better off if they had a forum similarly to how Divi has one within their site. With the rapid growth of the Elementor builder it has to be hard to keep up with support issues. This is one of the few spots where I think Elementor could really improve.

Elementor Free Themes

I don’t want to confuse anyone as I discuss Elementor free themes. Elementor basically works with any WordPress theme out there. The three I’m going to be covering here are some of the most popular themes for Elementor users.

Astra is one of the most popular themes for Elementor users. In total there are about 100 free starter sites that Astra has that work perfectly with Elementor. You can literally install the demo content and have a beautiful looking website up in minutes. I show how to do this in one of my YouTube videos

OceanWP works nearly the same way as Astra does. In my opinion OceanWP is a bit more powerful than Astra, but it has less demo sites to build off of. OceanWP has around 30-40 pre-made demo sites that work seamlessly with Elementor.

The last of the Elementor free themes I want to cover is the Hello theme. This theme is the newest of the bunch, and it was created by the Elementor team. The Elementor team previously build themes prior to creating Elementor. They claim that Elementor works faster with the Hello theme than any other theme out there.

Elementor WordPress Plugin: Final Thoughts

I hope that this Elementor page builder review was helpful. I tried to hit on some of the key aspects that are important to most users. Elementor is constantly improving, and well worth trying out. 

The biggest takeaway that I want to leave you with is that Elementor is a wonderful builder. I don’t think one builder fits all though, and because of that you may want to check out my Divi review. In the end, you need to find what builder works best for you and your business and go with it.

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