Divi Builder Review: Is It Worth The Price?

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Divi Builder Review

The Divi builder has been around for years now. It was created by the company Elegant Themes. Over the years we’ve seen it grow in popularity. Currently there are over 600,000 customers using Divi. The only other builder that could rival this many paying customers is probably Elementor. In this Divi builder review we’ll cover theme layouts, support, cost, a discount offer, and more. Let’s dive into Divi!

Divi Builder

Divi Theme Layouts

Dive theme layouts are part of what makes the Divi builder so amazing. These Divi theme packs are sometimes called layout packs as well. They can be used to create tons of beautiful looking websites in a matter of minutes. Currently the Divi theme comes with over 135 built in layout packs

Divi Theme Layouts

Additionally, creating your own theme layouts is easy with the Divi builder. You can drag and drop different elements to where you’d like on your site. Unlike many WordPress builders, you can use both the front end or the back end builder to do this.

Divi Theme Support

Divi theme support is actually quite good in my opinion. Support isn’t always easy for WordPress companies. In fact, I cover how I think Elementor could improve theirs in this Elementor plugin review. Divi for the most part has done a better job.

The primary way that Divi has combated the thousands of support questions that come in is by using a forum system. I know that many people think forums are outdated, but this helps provide a quick answer to a question that may have already been answered previously. Divi support staff also seems to be much larger than their competitors. They offer live chat on the site as well.

Divi Theme Support

Another support feature that Elegant Themes has built in is the ability for their techy team to access your site with a temporary key. You can give the key to their tech support, tell them the issue, and most of the time have it resolved quickly.

Divi Builder Plugin

The Divi builder plugin can be used on almost any theme in the world. It’s great that Divi created the builder plugin, and didn’t just rely on only the theme. I say this because it pretty much alleviates what many used to refer to as a shortcode issues.

Shortcodes are small pieces of code that can be inserted into WordPress. Every theme created by Elegant Themes has shortcodes built in, and if you were to deactivate the Divi theme your site would look like nothing but shortcodes. By adding the Divi builder plugin you can avoid this issue. The plugin also lets you take advantage of all of the pre-made Divi theme layouts that I alluded to earlier as well. So regardless of your theme, you can make a great looking site quickly.

Divi Theme Cost

The Divi theme cost is broken down into two options.They are the yearly plan, which normally starts at $89 per year and the lifetime plan, which normally is $249. I know that $249 seems like a big commitment, but I highly recommend the lifetime plan if you’re going to be using it for client web development. I say this because creating just one website for someone should easily pay for itself. Some Divi competitors no longer offer lifetime plans and prefer to have customers on recurring payments, which I’m not a huge fan of.

Divi Theme Cost

Divi Theme Discount

Above I mentioned that the two Divi plans start at $89 and $249. I’ve worked with Elegant themes and I can now offer a special Divi theme discount to my viewers. If that’s something you’d like to take advantage of you should save anywhere from 10-20% off the normal price.

If you’re still unsure about Divi you can try the Divi theme demo option on their website. This isn’t the perfect setup, but it allows you to mess around with the builder and get a feel for how it works. Also, Divi comes with a 30 day money back guarantee if you’d rather just purchase it and try it for a few weeks. Either way, it’s worth trying in my opinion.

Divi Builder Review Conclusion

Now, I realize that this Divi builder review probably didn’t make you a Divi theme expert. But, I do hope that you were able to learn more about Divi. I feel as if many people on YouTube these days bash Divi, but it really isn’t a bad builder in my opinion.

If you want to learn more about setting up Divi and using it for yourself I have a Divi theme tutorial on my channel. I go through the steps of setting up a site with Divi and show how to build within both the front and backend. As new versions of Divi come out I plan to make more Divi related videos so be sure to subscribe.

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