Create A Website

Step 1

Domain And Hosting

To create a website we first need a domain name and hosting. An example of a domain name is and hosting is what allows our website to be displayed live on the internet.

Step 2

Install WordPress

WordPress powers more websites on the internet than any other platform. In this step we have to install WordPress within our hosting cPanel.

Step 3

Add A New Theme

You can think of a theme as a template. Each WordPress site uses a theme. For this purpose we will be installing the flexible Astra theme.

Step 4

Install Demo Content

The Astra theme comes with starter sites. These are pre-made sites with demo content on them, which makes the process of creating out site faster.

Step 5

Edit The Content

Here we will use the Elementor builder to edit our website. We can drag and drop elements throughout our site and easily make changes right on the screen. The amount of editing you do to the demo is completely up to you.

Congratulations! You’re Done!

I hope that you were able to create a website that you’re proud of!

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